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School Administrator at TOCS

BA and MA from Saginaw Valley State University.

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Summer Reading Skills

Students learn effective techniques that improve writing skills and build confidence. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER CALL
Mon.-Fri. 8am-10pm


Twelve Days of Christmas Themes 2021

December 2, 2021     Amy Pfaff-Biebel    

•(2nd.) twin or triplet day •(3rd.) striped or polka dot day •(6th.) Western wear day •(7th.) wacky tacky day •(8th.) camouflage day •(9th.) hat/crazy headband day •(10th.) Jersey day •(13th.) throwback day •(14th.) tie dye day •(15th.) animal shirt day •(16th.) Christmas shirt/sweater day •(17th.) Pajama/comfy clothes day