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8-16-2019 Binder

sketchbook Download Binder handouts: 5-8th Grades. Saving images, desktop settings: 4th Grade. Read -→

8-9-2019 Binder Pages

sketchbook Computer Binder handouts, 3-8th. 1st and 2nd Typing progress handouts. Read -→

Tech News – $5 Computer

All the brains of a computer comes at only $5 on the tiny Raspberry Pi Zero. Connecting a TV, keyboard and mouse, along with [...] Read -→

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6-8th Assignment Sept 16 2019
K-5th are free to continue to work on t-shirts, nothing is due for t-shirts until November (at this point, [...]

9-13-2019 – 4th Grade Binder pages

9-6-2019 Copy and paste Binder pages
Grades 6th,7th,8th

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