About Us

Our mission: Towering Oaks Christian School exists to undergird the teaching of the home by providing quality Bible-based academics and life training for preschool and school aged children.

Our purpose: Believing that children are a precious gift from God to parents, Towering Oaks Christian School serves as an educational branch of Towering Oaks Baptist Church for the purpose of undergirding families (primarily Christian families) in teaching and training children in academics and life skills filtered through God’s Word.

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What is Classical Education ?

The classical model combines a rigorous academic approach with a Christ-centered curriculum to produce students who become life-long learners able to succeed in any learning endeavor.  God is the source of beauty and truth.  The classical pursuit of these virtues encompasses all areas as they become an integrated whole viewed through the lens of God’s Word.  It was the classical model of education in 18th century America that produced some of the greatest thinkers, scientists, pastors, and leaders who ever lived.

Classical education has its foundation in the Trivium, which is comprised of three stages:
Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Each of these stages emphasizes varied types of learning at different ages according to the mental development of the student.

In this stage children have minds like sponges. They absorb memorized facts and knowledge easily. This characteristic is utilized as teaching methods emphasize phonics rules, mathematical facts, history dates and important events, grammar rules, Bible verses and truths. Students love to recite learned facts in a variety of ways : chants, songs, poems, echoes, and . This storing up of information is necessary to prepare the student for the next stage.

The logic stage begins around middle school age. Students at this age enjoy arguing and they are beginning to naturally ask questions about the facts that they have acquired. Consequently, while they continue to be taught new material, they are, at the same time, taught how to build the skills of thinking critically and analytically about those facts.

By the time that they have reached high school, students have acquired a large storehouse of information and have learned how to think critically about and analyze this information. Students never finish acquiring knowledge. However, in the rhetoric stage, students are taught how to express themselves articulately and persuasively both verbally and in their writing.


Curriculum at a Glance
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Reading Phonics Spelling
Kindergarten A Beka A Beka  A Beka
First A Beka  A Beka  A Beka
Second A Beka A Beka A Beka
Third Bob Jones N/A A Beka
Fourth Bob Jones N/A A Beka
Fifth Bob Jones N/A A Beka
Sixth A Beka N/A A Beka
Seventh A Beka N/A A Beka
Eighth A Beka N/A A Beka
Language Handwriting Math
Kindergarten A Beka Zaner-Blozer A Beka
First  A Beka  Zaner-Blozer  A Beka
Second A Beka Zaner-Blozer A Beka
Third A Beka Zaner-Blozer A Beka
Fourth A Beka Zaner-Blozer A Beka
Fifth A Beka N/A Saxon
Sixth A Beka N/A Saxon
Seventh A Beka N/A Saxon
Eighth A Beka N/A Saxon
Science History Bible
Kindergarten  Bob Jones
First  Bob Jones  Story of the World
Second A Beka  Story of the World Bob Jones
Third Bob Jones A Beka Bob Jones
Fourth A Beka A Beka Bob Jones
Fifth Bob Jones A Beka Bob Jones
Sixth Bob Jones A Beka Summit
Seventh Bob Jones A Beka Summit Ministries
Eighth Bob Jones A Beka Summit