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I love showing our TOCS children ways that they can use technology for Christ.

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Expanding HTML

October 1, 2021     Patrick Franklin    

Tools Copy the following image urls for images https://www.tocsweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/tocs-logo.png https://www.tocsweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/towering-oaks-crest.png We’ll be using the app JSAnywhere to experiment with HTML. Key things to note about JSAnywhere: Project – a group of files that make a website, additional images can be added. JS/HTML/CSS – Taps at the top that open the three main files most websites use. The main HTML file,… Read more »


HTML Overview

September 24, 2021     Patrick Franklin    

Use the link below for HTML exercises HTML is a “coding” language used by the internet to make webpages. HTML uses invisible markers, called tags, to format a website. Each tag can control the look of whatever is inside. Your WordPress site uses HTML, but that is mostly hidden. Example TAGS: <u>underline text</u> <b>bold text</b> Typing the above will change… Read more »


Computer, Sept 10: Site Settings

September 10, 2021     Patrick Franklin    

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and adjust the following settings: Set Homepage to the home page you created Set the Posts Page to the blank Blog page Go to Pages in the dashboard, delete any extra pages, leaving only the home, blog and pictures page. Go to the Post section fo the dashboard and delete all the posts… Read more »


Computer – Digital Photography + Photo Editing; Feb 26, 2021

February 26, 2021     Patrick Franklin     ,

Composite Photograph Use your own device to take photos and edit them together in Sketchbook. Pick a project below and prepare for the project as described. Use the campus as the setting for your project and take pictures of sceneries and people that will be combined together into one photograph (be careful to match color, shadows/lighting and vertical height where… Read more »