K-8th Art; April 6, 2020

Draw like Picasso: SILLY FACES

4-8th grade

There are two websites on youtube that teaches you the steps on how to draw faces like Picasso. These sites are kid friendly and I think you will easily understand it as you follow along.

Hopefully you have looked at who Pablo Picasso was. He was a great artist who basically developed or “discovered” the art style Cubism

When you draw Picasso [ Silly] face, make sure to use the entire space of your paper….that means at least draw it ¾ the size of your paper.

Grades K-3 I have given you a head start…. ☺

Go to the following site:



After watching the video you can use standard size paper or larger drawing paper.

ASSIGNMENT: Draw one large drawing of a portrait like that of Picasso. It can be a portrait of youself or someone you know.


  1. Draw along with the video of your choice. Once you have the basic idea you can add your own ideas or personality to it.
  2. Add color with either colored pencil, crayons, oil pastels, chalk pastels, watercolor or marker….whatever you have on hand. You want to make it dark (harder pressure on the color pencil, crayons)
  3. You can add patterns or create a background.

REMEMBER NEATNESS, following directions, and creativity are the things that I grade on the most. Neatness or craftsmanship is the most important.

Have fun with this. Make sure you either text a picture to me, send it by the post office mail or take a picture send it by email.

Send to yates.desiree@yahoo.com