4th-8th Grade Art; April 14-17, 2020; Contour Line of a Hand

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Contour Line of a Hand

There are several good instruction videos on YouTube.  If you are able here are two appropriate sites:


 (The following website address listed below is the best site)

  1. Follow the instructions.
  2. Contour line is a drawing where you are looking at the outline of your hand, scanning the edges WHILE you are drawing with your pencil.
  3. As your eyes move along the edges of your hand, your pencil is moving also….CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.
  5. DO NOT TRACE AROUND YOUR HAND. That is not drawing…it is cheating…..this exercise is to get you to really focus on what you are looking at while you are drawing.

Follow his/her directions. Draw the hand on a standard piece of paper. There is no shading and you may use a pencil.


2 assignments (2 separate drawings)

  1. Draw on one piece of paper a contour line drawing of your hand..
  2. Draw another contour line of your hand maybe in a different pose on another sheet of paper like a fist or the front of the hand etc.. 

HINT: Draw a little larger than you would normally.  Also, concentrate on LOOKING at your hand while moving your pencil on the paper.  Great hand and eye coordination exercise.

** DO NOT TRACE around your hand-that is cheating.

** NO rude gesture position of hands. 

This assignment is due Friday 17th, no later than Monday afternoon…the 20 April.

PLEASE put your name on the paper with grade…

Thank you.