Art; 7th & 8th Grade; Due Monday May 4; Contour Line Drawing of Your Shoe

April 27, 2020     Desiree Yates     , ,

Contour Line Drawing of Your Shoe

ASSIGNMENT: 2 Drawings

1st DRAWING: One shoe with a side view (example above).  Shoe or a boot or a dress shoe.

 2nd DRAWING:  One shoe at a different view point. OR a different type of shoe. May 4th.


  1. Draw the outline contour line of your shoe. Just like the Contour Hand drawing you want to LOOK at the outline edges of the shoe WHILE your pencil is moving on the paper drawing the outline. Place it near your paper so that you can see it while you are drawing.
  2. Draw it fairly large but not running off the paper. Remember to “LOOK” at the shoe follow the outline with your eyes while you pencil is moving (drawing) also.
  3. DO NOT trace the shoe. This is to help you with hand and eye coordination along with really learning to look at what you are drawing. It is like you are studying it with your eyes….
  4. There is no shading and only a small amount of detail. No color or shading is required.

Once you are finished, text a picture to me or send it by mail. Must be sent or texted on the day that it is due… All assignments must be turned in on Monday May 4.

I hope you all have a wonderful. Stay safe and well. God bless you and your family.