About Kim Starnes

January 15, 2016     Kim Starnes     ,

Kim Starnes Teaches Kindergarten
BS in Elementary Education from Tusculum College
TOCS since 2013

“I Believe it is my duty and privilege to teach children about Christ and what He has done for us all.”


Kindergarten is very important as students learn more than the basics that was covered just several years ago.  Students learn phonics, blends, sight words, to read, counting past 100, addition, and subtraction to name a few.  During the kindergarten school year, students learn the foundation of reading which sets the stage for becoming a fluent reader.  Reading is extremely important in our curriculum as it is the foundation of learning.

At TOCS, we strive to ensure students learn to know Jesus as their personal Savior and friend.  A Christian education is essential because we make Jesus the most important part of learning!  The Bible curriculum we use at TOCS teaches Bible stories in a manner that is easy for students to learn and relate to their daily lives.  I am honored to be able to teach children about Jesus and how He can change their life!