Meet Our Staff

Staff Image of Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb

Associate Pastor & School Administrator
"I am Jimmy Webb and it is a privilege to be a part of Towering Oaks. I have served in the ministry since 2005 where I have served as Youth Pastor, Pastor and as a Christian Educator. I have a heart to see students at Towering Oaks Christian School to come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and continually grow in their Christian walk. It is my desire to help them know the Lord fresh and new every day.
I enjoy sports and cheering for the TN Volunteers. I also enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hunting, and fishing. My wife Tammy and I have been married since 2000. Tammy enjoys sports, music, singing, and working in the yard. We have been blessed with our two children, Mandalyn and Kason. They both attend Towering Oaks Christian School. Our family enjoys worshiping together and going together on mission projects. I look forward to meeting you and hopefully serving your family."
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Staff Image of Kim Starnes

Kim Starnes

BS in Elementary Education from Tusculum College
TOCS since 2013
"I believe it is my duty and privilege to teach children about Christ and what He has done for us all."
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Staff Image of Rebecca Mancil

Rebecca Mancil

First Grade
BA in Elementary Education from Rider University
TOCS since 2014
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Staff Image of Kim Masters

Kim Masters

Second Grade
BS in Elementary Education from Milligan Collage
TOCS since 1998
"Christian education is a great support for families seeking for their children to know the truth, to know God’s word and to know Jesus."
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Staff Image of Debbie Snowden

Debbie Snowden

Fifth Grade
BS and MA in Education
TOCS since 2012
"I love starting our day with prayer. To hear the students pray for each other, their families, and to ask God to help them really touches my heart each day."
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Staff Image of Rita Brown

Rita Brown

Fourth Grade
BS in Elementary Education from Tusculum College; 14 years experience
TOCS since 2006
"Christian education relates academics to Biblical principles and makes developing a relationship with Jesus Christ the most important goal."
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Staff Image of Candice GeFellers

Candice GeFellers

Fifth Grade
BA Tusculum College
Began teaching at TOCS 2016
"I am so thankful God opened the door and blessed me with the opportunity to teach at TOCS!"
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Staff Image of Sherry Stockton

Sherry Stockton

Sixth grade homeroom; middle school history
BS in Elementary Education, Tennessee Tech University; 25 years experience
TOCS since 2004
"Christian education focuses on truth and points the student to Christ emphasizing that Christ is all, in all, above all."
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Staff Image of Pat Carpenter

Pat Carpenter

Seventh grade homeroom ; middle school science
BS in Education Masters in Education and Science; 41 years experience
TOCS since 2011
"Christian education is important to me because it is important to God. I pray to be salt and light to my students while also helping them learn the academic content that will best prepare them for God’s next step in their journey."
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Staff Image of Bonnie Nance

Bonnie Nance

Eighth grade homeroom; middle school math
BS in Math and English Education, LSU; 40 years teaching experience
TOCS since 1993
"Children need to be given an opportunity to attend a school that emphasizes a Biblical point of view"
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Staff Image of Patrick Franklin

Patrick Franklin

Computer & art
Computer Graphics, Programing & development
TOCS since 2015
"I love showing our TOCS children ways that they can use their computer for the Lord."
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Staff Image of Jodi Kriebel

Jodi Kriebel

BS in Biology from Tennessee Temple University
TOCS since 2013
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Staff Image of Sheril Whitehouse

Sheril Whitehouse

BS in History from the University of North Florida
TOCS since 2013
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