Meet Our Staff

Staff Image of Amy Pfaff-Biebel

Amy Pfaff-Biebel

School Administrator
BA and MA from Saginaw Valley State University.
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Staff Image of Brittaney Bible

Brittaney Bible

Preschool Administrator
BS in Early Childhood Development
East Tennessee State University
8 years of teaching experience
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Staff Image of Lori Swatzell

Lori Swatzell

Assistant School Administrator, High School Advisor
Walters State Community College - Associates Degree - General Business
ETSU - Bachelors of Science - Finance/Banking
ETSU - Masters of Education - Special Education (Comprehensive and Modified)
Vanderbilt University - Certified Family/Child Advocate
"Kingdom Education is important to me because it incorporates our most precious gifts (our students) with our most precious Savior. We are given the opportunity to celebrate our Lord and Savior and all that He does for us daily."
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Staff Image of Melissa Fritts

Melissa Fritts

Bachelor of Science from Tusculum University
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Staff Image of Katy Creasman

Katy Creasman

First Grade
Bachelor of Science from ETSU
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Staff Image of Melissa Ayers

Melissa Ayers

First Grade
Bachelor of Science from ETSU
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Staff Image of Kim Masters

Kim Masters

Second Grade
BS in Elementary Education from Milligan Collage
TOCS since 1998
"Christian education is a great support for families seeking for their children to know the truth, to know God’s word and to know Jesus."
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Staff Image of Mercy Bailey

Mercy Bailey

Third Grade
BS in Early Childhood Education from Maranatha Baptist University in
Watertown, WI.
"I love teaching at TOCS because it allows me to show Christ’s love for my students through teaching and daily interactions. I also love my work colleagues because they encourage me and are always willing to help when I need an extra hand. We also laugh together on a daily basis which makes for a great time!

In my spare time I enjoy running, reading, cooking, watching college football, writing poetry, traveling, and writing for my blog."
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Staff Image of Rita Brown

Rita Brown

Fourth Grade
BS in Elementary Education from Tusculum College; 14 years experience
TOCS since 2006
"Christian education relates academics to Biblical principles and makes developing a relationship with Jesus Christ the most important goal."
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Staff Image of Kyle Kingery

Kyle Kingery

Fifth Grade Teacher
Bachelor of Science, Organizational Management from Tusculum College
and Master of Arts-Teaching Tusculum College
"I'm blessed to be able to openly praise and teach about our Lord and Savior, and live more congruently without having to conceal my faith. I'm excited to build relationships with my students and to reinforce their relationships with Christ. "
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Staff Image of Sherry Stockton

Sherry Stockton

Sixth grade homeroom & ELA, Middle School history
BS in Elementary Education, Tennessee Tech University; 25 years experience
TOCS since 2004
"Christian education focuses on truth and points the student to Christ emphasizing that Christ is all, in all, above all."
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Staff Image of Pat Carpenter

Pat Carpenter

Seventh grade homeroom, middle school science and HS Chemistry
BS in Education Masters in Education and Science; 41 years experience
TOCS since 2011
"Christian education is important to me because it is important to God. I pray to be salt and light to my students while also helping them learn the academic content that will best prepare them for God’s next step in their journey."
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Staff Image of Rebecca Mancil

Rebecca Mancil

Seventh ELA and Intervention Specialist
Bachelor or Arts degree in Elementary Education and American Studies from Rider University (New Jersey). Certified in NJ and TN. TOCS since 2014
" I have felt teaching as a calling for years. Starting off as a substitute teacher when my kids entered, it seemed like the perfect career path. However, as a woman of faith, I felt held back during times when the children needed spiritual guidance. I did not wish to bend the rules, but I provided the guidance they needed as I saw fit in The Lord’s eyes. When my husband and I made the decision to send our children to TOCS, I felt The Lord’s calling to apply for employment at the school. During my tenure, I have achieved that perfect balance between working in my desired job field while having the freedom to witness to my students, teach them about Jesus Christ and show them how a woman of God is supposed to act! God is good!"
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Staff Image of Spencer Solomon

Spencer Solomon

8th Homeroom, Bible, and Middle school PE, HS weight training & Math
Bachelor's in Exercise Health Science and a minor in Biblical Studies.
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Staff Image of Marvin Reeves

Marvin Reeves

Sophomore Homeroom and High School Science
Bachelor in Science from University of Tennessee.
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Staff Image of Shelly Anderson

Shelly Anderson

High School History and Government
Bachelor degree, interdisciplinary studies, Tusculum College; Magna Cum Laude
"My hope and goal is to help them feel confident using the armor that God has given them. "
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Staff Image of Kimberly Philbeck

Kimberly Philbeck

High School Yearbook, Teacher Assistant and Intervention Specialist
B.S. degree in Business Management from Maranatha Baptist Bible College
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Staff Image of Desiree Yates

Desiree Yates

Associate’s Degree from Fayetteville Technical Community College and a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from University of North Carolina-Pembroke with a certification K-12 ART Education.
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Staff Image of Patrick Franklin

Patrick Franklin

Computer & Technical Support
ETSU Design Graphics, Computer Graphics, Programing & development
TOCS since 2015
"I love showing our TOCS children ways that they can use technology for Christ."
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Staff Image of Jodi Kriebel

Jodi Kriebel

Latin, Fam. and Consumer Sci., Art
BS in Biology from Tennessee Temple University
TOCS since 2013
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Staff Image of Kim McGee

Kim McGee

Kim McGee Masters in Music Education from Pensacola Christian College.
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Staff Image of Rebekah Harrison

Rebekah Harrison

Middle and High School Spanish
Diploma in Spanish as a second language from The Spanish Language Institute, San José, Costa Rica.
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Staff Image of Brynne Jones

Brynne Jones

Preschool Teacher
Walters State Community College
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Staff Image of Bonnie Nance

Bonnie Nance

Middle School Math Assistant
BS in Math and English Education, LSU; 40 years teaching experience
TOCS since 1993
"Children need to be given an opportunity to attend a school that emphasizes a Biblical point of view"
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