7th Grade Science Assignments; May 4-8, 2020

May 3, 2020     Pat Carpenter    

Don’t forget that you have a project to do in science due May 12.  Make a model of one of the body organs or systems we have studied or hopefully will study this nine weeks.  Choose from the heart (page 449), excretory system (page 462), respiratory system (page 470), or the digestive system (page 476).  You can make your model from play dough, clay, or any materials you have on hand.  If you need to, you may draw a picture on a piece of plain white 8.5 X 11 paper instead.  It must be colored and labeled and not be a tracing.  If you do a model, it must also be labeled.  When complete, send me a picture of you with your completed model or picture. This will count as a test.


Complete the 20D Section Review on page 461 of your text.  Due Tuesday.


Read Section 20E on pages 461-463.  Watch the following videos if possible.

  • How Do Your Kidneys Work?
  • The Urinary System 


Complete the 20E Section Review on page 463.  Due Thursday.


Work on your project.  Don’t forget to have all corrections for this week turned in by Friday afternoon.

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