Computer – Digital Photography + Photo Editing; Feb 26, 2021

February 26, 2021     Patrick Franklin     ,

Composite Photograph

Use your own device to take photos and edit them together in Sketchbook.

Pick a project below and prepare for the project as described. Use the campus as the setting for your project and take pictures of sceneries and people that will be combined together into one photograph (be careful to match color, shadows/lighting and vertical height where possible).

Use your own pictures to complete the project. Don’t be too complex, work must be finished in class.

Create a text layer with your name and the date you finish at the bottom of the picture.


  1. Giant person or item
    • One person or item is obviously oversized within the scene.
  2. Tiny person or item
    • One person or item is small within the scene, for example a small person sitting on the end of a table.
  3. “UFO”
    • Use a toy of a spaceship or aircraft and place it in your scene. For example, a spaceship in the distance and people are looking at it.
  4. Superhuman ability
    • A person doing something impossible. For example, lifting a car over their head, levitating an object or flying.
  5. Cyborg
    • Give a person a robotic arm/leg/head/facial feature. For example, use a toy robot arm and replace someone’s arm with it.
  6. Living art
    • Recreate a classic/well known art using local props and people, such as “The Scream” – You may have to use your own art (we can’t use the originals unless it is a very old image)
  7. Dream
    • A person dreaming, with the dream playing out along side them, either in the same scene or in a thought cloud. For example, a person day-dreaming about a nice car.
  8. “Use the force”
    • Pose with a science fiction element that glows, such as a light saber, lasers, electricity.

Tips: Consider if there should be a shadow under the composited pictures (for example, should the giant person cast a shadows on the people below). Consider using hats or simple hair styles to make masking easier.


Giant 1Giant 2Tiny 1Tiny 2Living art 1Living art 2SuperhumanUFOUFO 2CyborgCyborg 2 Dream – “Force” – Lol


  1. Pick a project, draw a rough sketch of your idea.
  2. Walk around campus, find a place to use for your scene, take a picture of the place
  3. Write out a list of items you’ll need to accomplish your project.
  4. Practice your idea (for example, see if you can really draw a lightsaber if that’s your chosen)
  5. Return to school with your props for a day of photographing – You’ll use your own devices to take pictures.
  6. Composite your pictures, trying to match your rough sketch
  7. When finished, upload your work to your site, turn in your rough sketch and lists.