Building Your Site

August 20, 2021     Patrick Franklin     , ,

Adding a Page or Post:

Green = Add new blocks | Red = Floating toolbar |
Yellow = Sidebar | Blue = Body (contains blocks) | Orange = Title

When making a page, it will need a title and a body. The title (Orange) will be visible in menu’s, search and on Google.

The body (Blue) is made out of blocks. We will mostly use Paragraph and Image blocks. To add a block, press the Plus button (Green). If you are adding a new paragraph, just press Enter / Return. Plus buttons appear near blocks, but you have to move your mouse to find them.

You can adjust the look of blocks using the side bar (Yellow) or the floating toolbar(Red).

Press the blue Publish button (top right) when you are ready to show the page to the world.


  1. Customize your site:
    • Go to the Dashboard, Settings, General and fill in the form:
      • Look through the other settings to see if there is anything else you would like to customize.
      • Find and install 3 new themes, but do not activate them.
  1. Title: Home
    1. Type at least three paragraphs about your yourself.
      For example, a hobby or interest, your job or your church (No specific names, please)
  2. Title: Blog
    1. Leave page blank – WordPress will automatically make content for this page
  3. Title: Pictures
    1. Write “Coming soon”