News in a Nutshell – Oct 3, 2017

October 4, 2017     Velvet Seaton    

Dear TOCS Family,

Well 9 weeks will be in the books as of Friday.  That means next week is fall break.  Also, grade cards will go out the week after fall break.  Included with grade cards will be test scores from last year.  There was a delay in scoring the tests this year and they have recently been scored.

When we return from fall break there will be a new traffic pattern.  Basically we will be closing the existing bak entrance and opening the one just up the hill.  This will provide more room getting in and out.

Lastly, remember that hot lunch orders are due.  They are due Friday morning, October 6th.  Please remember to get them in as everyone will be off for fall break.  I am always here to seve and will continue to pray for you all daily.

In Christ, Jimmy Webb

School Administrator

Upcoming events

The annual Fall Book Fair is Oct. 23—27,8:30—3:30.  Classes have an assigned time to visit each day during the week.  If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact Erin Johnson 540-327-8329.

SCHOOL and PRESCHOOL will be closed next week, October 9-13, due to Fall Break! Enjoy your time off!