Ordering Lunch

August 10, 2022     tocsadmin    

Ordering Lunches online through Family Portal is easy. Find your way to the lunch section, then enter “Create Web Order to begin. Place a “1” beside which menu items you want to order. Below is a video that shows how it’s done.

How to Order Lunches Online

Need to know:

  • Don’t wait to order, the ordering window will be closed at the end of the week so we can process and plan ahead. Late orders are not possible.
  • We plan ahead – You can see our future menu options but may not be able to select those items, yet. We will notify you when you can order those items.
  • Siblings and Preschool students get a discount. Be sure to put a “1” next to the full price item for the first child, then every additional child put the “1” beside discounted item
  • If you want to order two meals for one child, put a “2” instead of “1” – that child will get seconds.
  • Drinks are included on the price every day except for Pizza day
  • Pick only one drink unless you are ordering multiple meals
  • You can substitute any meat with a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich by putting a “1” beside that option
  • Friday’s drinks are picked by the student at school. Choices depend upon the grade and might be different every week…
  • Credits/refunds cannot be issued for absences; however, if your child is absent, you can still pick up their lunch at the office. Please call ahead to arrange the pickup. Credits/refunds are only applied for school closures, unexpected disruptions that affect an entire class or field trips.