Tuition Plans

Pick your Tuition Plan

All families need to pick a tuition plan, even if you already paid. Picking a plan records into our system how you paid for your records and ours, and it unlocks more financial options for you in the future (e.g. online lunch orders). If you have yet to pay any tuition, a plan will be created for you soon. Please allow 24+ business hours to see what (if anything) is due.

Simply pick if you wish to pay tuition once, twice in a year or monthly. The rest will be calculated within about 24+ business hours.

You’ve wanted this for a long time: Electronic Payment options are finally available for tuition. You can pay with a check (electronically), credit card or debit card.

How do I pay tuition with FACTS?

Family Portal is the place to handle your tuition payments. 

  1. Login to Family Portal –
  2. Press “Financial” link under the menu
  3. Press “Set up a Payment Plan” 

On the next screens you will fill in the payment details and select whatever plan is best for you. It will automatically apply any discounts you have.

Press Setup a Payment Plan

Check, Credit or Debit?

Picking to pay with a check or credit card depends on you. There is a small 2.95% transition fee associated with a card payment, electronic checks do no have that fee. Therefore, using the check option might be a better choice over a debit card. Some credit cards offer points, which could offset the transaction fees.

Paying with an electronic check works just like it does with a paper check. The money comes out of your bank like it would if you paid with a paper check in the past. You will simply provide the numbers on your check to FACTS so they can convert it into an electronic check. They will then save and use that information for your future payments.

What has changed?

Not much has changed as far as our policies go. The tuition is the same, so are late fees and due dates. If you are on a plan, you can still pay ahead. You can still get a discount for paying all at once.

Here is what is different: FACTS will be handling processing the payments for us. If you ever need help, they are only an email or phone call away! Call FACTS at (866) 441-4637 anytime, even outside off school office hours. They can help schedule an extra payment, delay a payment for a few days, change payment methods and more.

You’ll get the chance to use a credit card, change payment methods, pay ahead and phone support for payments. Paying with a credit card will give you more financial flexibility, so you don’t need to worry about when money is in the bank. You won’t need to catch us at the school office, and you can still use a check if you want online. If there is something FACTS can’t do, you can still come by the school office.

Due Dates

Due dates are on the first day of the month. Late fees are assessed via FACTS after a 14 day grace period for $20, and an additional $25 once they are 28 days late. FACTS has a $30 returned payment fee. To avoid these fees, you can add more payment methods call the office before the payment if you foresee a problem processing it before the grace period. The phone support at FACTS has more ways to help with payments than office (making advanced payments, adding payment methods, etc.). FACTS support agents are available 24/7. Call FACTS at (866) 441-4637.

If you need help call the school offices during regular hours or call FACTS at (866) 441-4637.