Discipline Policy for Preschool

  • Teachers in our program offer encouragement and praise for good behavior. 
  • Teachers use positive reinforcements. 
  • Teachers use redirection as a first step in helping a child refocus on positive behavior. They explain to the child why the current exhibited behavior is not acceptable and redirect the child to a more positive option. 
  • Teachers also use time out as a method of allowing the child the time to regain self-control. Time outs are one minute per the child’s age. For example, if the student is 4 years old they will receive a 4-minute time out.
  • Teachers will never strike, shake, or spank a child. 
  • Should a behavior issue become a consistent problem, the teacher will contact the parents. This will help to see if the behavior is being seen at home as well and allow the teacher and parents to discuss solutions to help the child improve. If there is a concerning behavior, it is critical that there is a close relationship between the parent and teacher to resolve the issue. 

TOCS reserves the right to dismiss any child who is unable to participate in group activities because of inappropriate behaviors.

TOCS reserves the right to dismiss any child whose parent(s) demonstrate an uncooperative attitude with the school and/or teaching staff.

TOCS reserves the right to dismiss any child in which the needs of the student cannot be met.