Before & After School Program for Preschool


The cost of Before OR After care is $3 per day the service is used. If you only need morning or afternoon assistance.

The cost of Before AND After care is $5 per day the service is used. If you need both morning and afternoon assistance. 

Please have your child picked up no later that 3:30. We do not schedule a staff person after 3:30 for aftercare.

Before Care


This is available in the gym each morning. Drop off is around the back of the building in the normal school drop off line. We have a classroom located right inside the gym designated to Before Care. 

Feel free to pack a snack or breakfast for your child.

After Care


The location of After Care will vary. There is a rotation of Pre-K teachers to cover the students in after care. The location of After Care will be in the classroom of the teacher that is on After Care duty for the day. Your child’s teacher will know the location of After Care pickup at the time you bring your child to school. Check with them or feel free to stop by the office to check for the location. The office staff will be happy to assist you in finding the classroom your child will be in.  

  • Feel free to pack a snack for your child. 
  • Students in After Care will be taken to the gym at 3:15 and be dismissed with the normal school carline. All students must be picked up by 3:30. 
  • Please note that your child will be in the designated after care classroom from 2:15-3:15. From 3:15-3:30 your child will be in the gym for regular carline. There is a designated location in the gym for your children. However, if they have a sibling they are allowed to go sit with that student. 
  • Please make sure that your nametag is visible for the staff working the carline. 
  • When picking up your child in the carline please stay in your car. A staff member will bring your child to your car and assist them as needed. TOCS is required by law to not buckle your child. Please pull around the side of the building to buckle your child. This will allow the carline to continue moving properly.