About Velvet Seaton

January 15, 2016     Velvet Seaton    

Velvet Seaton  has worked in the school office for TOCS since 1991. Share

About Valerie Lane

January 15, 2016     Valerie Lane    

Valerie Lane teaches third Grade BS in Elementary Education from Tusculum College TOCS since 2013 “Teaching is a wonderful gift from the Lord.  I feel very blessed and excited to be at TOCS.” Share

About Sherry Stockton

January 15, 2016     Sherry Stockton    

Sherry Stockton Sixth grade homeroom;  middle school history BS in Elementary Education,  Tennessee Tech University; 25 years experience TOCS since 2004 “Christian education focuses on truth and points the student to Christ emphasizing that Christ is all, in all, above all.” Share

About Rita Brown

January 15, 2016     Rita Brown    

Rita Brown teaches fourth grade  BS in Elementary Education from Tusculum College; 14 years experience TOCS since 2006 “Christian education relates academics to Biblical principles and makes developing a relationship with Jesus Christ the most important goal.” Share

About Pat Carpenter

January 15, 2016     Pat Carpenter    

Pat Carpenter Seventh grade homeroom ; middle school science BS in Education  Masters in Education and Science; 41 years experience TOCS since 2011 “Christian education is important to me because it is important to God.  I pray to be salt and light to my students while also helping them learn the academic content that will best prepare them for God’s… Read more »

About Kim Masters

January 15, 2016     Kim Masters    

Kim Masters teaches second Grade BS in Elementary Education from Milligan Collage TOCS since 1998 “Christian education is a great support for families seeking for their children to know the truth, to know God’s word and to know Jesus.” Share

About Gail Ingram

January 15, 2016     Gail Ingram    

Gail Ingram is the Principal of TOCS with a BS in Elementary Education from University of Tennessee; ACSI Professional Certification; 23 years teaching experience; 6 years experience in administration. TOCS from 1983-2000; 2009-present “My great desire and blessing is to see children trust in Jesus and begin to live for Him. I thank God for Towering Oaks and for allowing… Read more »

Debbie Snowden

January 15, 2016     Debbie Snowden    

Debbie Snowden teaches fifth grade BS and MA in Education TOCS since 2012 “I love starting our day with prayer.  To hear the students pray for each other, their families, and to ask God to help them really touches my heart each day.” Share