Computer assignment, Oct 2-5, 2020

October 2, 2020     Patrick Franklin     ,

It is time to layout your student website. You will divide your site into 5 pages as described below. Make the title of each page the same as the bold text:

Home page – A page that is like the cover for a book as well as a description of your page. Include at least one paragraph about yourself as well as an image that you believe represents yourself.
Blog page – Empty, will contain your blog later – WordPress will handle this automatically.
About Me page – A page where you describe yourself in 3 paragraphs or more.
Pictures page – A page where you can share images of anything you enjoy
Links page – A page listing websites you enjoy online, must have 5+ links.

Do not upload images of your house, yourself or someone you know.

Steps to complete assignment:

  1. Create each of your 5 pages, title the page and leave its content blank. Press publish. We’ll add content to it later.
    Make sure you are creating Pages, not posts!
  2. We will enter the dashboard to assign the Home page and Blog page together.
  3. We’ll make sure your pages appear in your sites navigation menu in the dashboard.
  4. We’ll go to each page and edit its contents according to the description above (except for the Blog page).
  5. We’ll remove unwanted pages from your site in the dashboard.