10th Computer – Nov 2, 2020

November 2, 2020     Patrick Franklin     ,

Complete and customize your wordsite pages

  1. Home page
    1. Type at least three paragraphs (blocks) about your favorite hobby or interest. Make the paragraphs only about your hobby, do not talk about yourself or use personal pronouns.
  2. About page
    1. Type at least three paragraphs about yourself. You are free to discuss anything about yourself.
  3. Pictures page
    1. Find 5 images and download them to your computer.
    2. Create an Image Gallery block.
    3. Upload the pictures to be used for the gallery.
  4. Links page
    1. Type 5 URLs on your links page, each on its own line. Put a description beside the link.
  5. Customize your site:
    1. Go to the Dashboard, Settings, General and fill in the form. Give your site a Tile, etc, (do not use your last name)
    2. Look through the other settings to see if there is anything else you would like to customize.
    3. Find and install 3 new themes, but do not activate them.