10th Computer – Add Videos and Hyperlinks – Nov 6, 2020

November 6, 2020     Patrick Franklin     ,
  1. Delete all your posts
  2. Create three new posts:
    1. Give the posts titles that describe the video
    2. Embed a video from YouTube inside each post
    3. Write a short one paragraph description under the video, make the description with one of the following guidelines:
      • Describe the video in detail
      • Write your opinion about the subject of the video without describing the video itself
      • Write a warning as to why the user should not watch the video
    4. Convert one of the words into a link that points back to the YouTube video. Make the link open in a new window/tab. For example, type “Watch the video here” and make the word “here” link back to the video’s page on YT.
    5. Write a caption underneath the video that relates to the video.
  3. Ensure the videos and links work.
  4. Make at least one word bold in one of your posts.

Site maintenance & settings

Update your website and any plugins you might have:

Visit your dashboard, click Update and press “Update Now.”

Check the box beside any plugin that needs updating and press “Update Plugins.”

Make changes the following under the dashboard settings:

General: Site title & Tagline
Reading: Homepage & Post page