Computer Assignment – 12-14-2020

December 14, 2020     Patrick Franklin     ,

This assignment will serve as a cumulative test grade on the knowledge you have learned thus far. You will be adding 2 posts and 1 page to your website. You may reference your notes and websites, but not each other (except if you need help copying and pasting or finding images on the iPad – that is a new skill).

Follow the steps below to create your posts and pages:

Post 1

  1. On your iPad, take a picture of the outside through the window
  2. Create a post, title it “Picture Theory”
  3. Add the image you took on your iPad to the post
  4. Under the picture, type a short paragraph ( 3 sentences ) about what ISO is and if the picture you took could benefit from changing the ISO.
  5. Create a second paragraph block, type a short paragraph ( 3 sentences ) explaining what changing aperture would do to an image
  6. Publish the post

The above steps 4 and 5 must contain accurate information about ISO and aperture.

Post 2

  1. Find a video from the WordPress YouTube channel:
  2. Copy the web address of the video
  3. Create a new post, title it “Using WordPress”
  4. Embed the YouTube video
  5. Under the video, type a sentence that will encourage someone to watch the video
  6. Under the sentence, put a link to
  7. Publish the post


You will be making a donate page with PayPal buttons so people can send you money.

  1. Copy the button text from this page:
    The text to copy is in the grey box
  2. Create a page, title it “Donate”
  3. Write a short sentence asking for a donation
    1. Make one of your words bold
    2. Make one of your words italics
  4. Make a new block and change it to the correct type to accept html code, then paste the text you just copied
  5. Publish the page
  6. Visit your WordPress page. Make sure the page is visible in your site’s top navigation. If it isn’t, you’ll need to add it to your WordPress menu

Copy and Paste

If you do not know how to copy and paste on iPad, refer to this video: