HTML Overview

September 24, 2021     Patrick Franklin    

Use the link below for HTML exercises

HTML is a “coding” language used by the internet to make webpages. HTML uses invisible markers, called tags, to format a website. Each tag can control the look of whatever is inside. Your WordPress site uses HTML, but that is mostly hidden.

Example TAGS:

<u>underline text</u>

<b>bold text</b>

Typing the above will change the style of the fonts. The tag starts with < and > signs, but ends with </ and >. What is inside describes what the tag does. The first tag is an open tag, the second is a close tag.

Other tags display images, videos, or provide hidden information for other websites. Facebook looks for these hidden tags to fill out posts automatically when you share a page. We’ll go into details on this later. There are also tags that contain scripting languages, which cause the page to become interactive.

Tags can also describe more details about is happening. For example, where a link points, where to locate an image, the font colors, etc.

Tags To Learn – copy these tags to your notes app and we’ll define them together:


<img> <— doesn’t close!!




<html><head><body> (these are separate tags but we’ll group these together for now)