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Associate’s Degree from Fayetteville Technical Community College and a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from University of North Carolina-Pembroke with a certification K-12 ART Education.

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Art; 3rd – 6th Grade; Lucy Lama; Due May 4th

April 27, 2020     Desiree Yates     , , , ,

Assignment: follow step by step. Color and be creative! Have fun. Due May 4th. Email or text the final drawing to me.

Art; 7th & 8th Grade; Due Monday May 4; Contour Line Drawing of Your Shoe

April 27, 2020     Desiree Yates     , ,

Contour Line Drawing of Your Shoe ASSIGNMENT: 2 Drawings 1st DRAWING: One shoe with a side view (example above).  Shoe or a boot or a dress shoe.  2nd DRAWING:  One shoe at a different view point. OR a different type of shoe. May 4th. Directions: Draw the outline contour line of your shoe. Just like the Contour Hand drawing you… Read more »


K-8th Art; April 6, 2020

Draw like Picasso: SILLY FACES 4-8th grade There are two websites on youtube that teaches you the steps on how to draw faces like Picasso. These sites are kid friendly and I think you will easily understand it as you follow along. Hopefully you have looked at who Pablo Picasso was. He was a great artist who basically developed or… Read more »