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Art; 3rd – 6th Grade; Lucy Lama; Due May 4th

April 27, 2020     Desiree Yates     , , , ,

Assignment: follow step by step. Color and be creative! Have fun. Due May 4th. Email or text the final drawing to me.

Art; 7th & 8th Grade; Due Monday May 4; Contour Line Drawing of Your Shoe

April 27, 2020     Desiree Yates     , ,

Contour Line Drawing of Your Shoe ASSIGNMENT: 2 Drawings 1st DRAWING: One shoe with a side view (example above).  Shoe or a boot or a dress shoe.  2nd DRAWING:  One shoe at a different view point. OR a different type of shoe. May 4th. Directions: Draw the outline contour line of your shoe. Just like the Contour Hand drawing you… Read more »


K-8th Art; April 6, 2020

Draw like Picasso: SILLY FACES 4-8th grade There are two websites on youtube that teaches you the steps on how to draw faces like Picasso. These sites are kid friendly and I think you will easily understand it as you follow along. Hopefully you have looked at who Pablo Picasso was. He was a great artist who basically developed or… Read more »


Complex shapes

November 12, 2019     Patrick Franklin    

The first homework assignment for the second semester, 2019. Due 11-18-2019, total of 4 drawings. Blank drawing pages are titled and are included when you print these. These titled pages will tell them what to draw on each of the 4 pages. Share


T-Shirt Contest 2019

August 26, 2019     Patrick Franklin    

Kindergarten – 9th Grade Design a Christian or TOCS themed shirt. Deadline is Nov 26, however there is no new homework due for the next art class on Sept 9th. Students may however work on designs on their own time. Share