Grade Policy for Art and Computer

October 19, 2019     Patrick Franklin     ,

From Sept 17 “Nutshell”

Dear TOCS Families,

It is a joy to be the computer and art teacher of your children here at Towering Oaks Christian School. I have been teaching computer for the last 4 years and began teaching art last year. In my own life, I have come to use both subjects to develop a bible app, children’s software, animations and graphics. Art and computer fields offer exciting and bright futures for your children, so I take teaching these subjects very seriously. I wanted to share with you the approach used for both subjects as well as the methods/philosophy used.


Art is believed by many to be a skill you are born with. The truth is that it is a learned skill. With practice, anyone can make art into a career. Even the most famous artists needed to practice and study their craft. One way to get practice is by maintaining a sketchbook. For these reasons, art class makes heavy use of an art binder as a sketchbook for at home drawing practice.

Art grades are based on quality and following directions, not skill. The art grade is weighed into three groups:

20% Class participation and behavior

35% Sketchbook homework completion

45% Class projects and final sketchbook grade

Class participation grades involve the student following directions and working on an assignment, as well as listening and good behavior. Not having a sketchbook for class can negatively impact the class participation grade.

The sketchbook homework grade is purely an on-time grade (and a quick check of quality).

Sketchbook homework grades are weighed so accidentally missing one assignment is not detrimental, but repeatedly missing a due date still has a negative affect. If your student did not finish their homework, they can still finish it as a part of their final sketchbook grade. A student who never finishes a homework assignment will see larger negative impact on their final grade.

Homework assignments can be found on our website at

The final sketchbook grade is judged by quality of effort (not artistic skill) and adherence to the assignments’ instructions. Again, should a student miss their due date for an assignment, the assignment must be completed for the final sketchbook grade.


Today our workforce demands employees who are proficient on the computer. Likewise, academics utilize computer software for reports, presentations and research. There are multiple aspects to computers to consider: Office software, file management, internet, touch type keyboarding, graphic design, internet safety and following directions.  Grades are weighed as follows:

25% Class participation and behavior

55% Tests and Binder upkeep

20% Touch typing (

There are no textbooks for computer class, instead students build their own by keeping up with handouts inside their computer binders. Once a semester the binders are taken up to ensure the students are keeping up with the handouts. The grade for maintaining all handouts is factored in as a test grade. Students can find missing handouts and print them at

Tests are open book, however, students may not ask each other for help. Tests are open book because being able to read and follow instructions is a vital part of using a computer – . Maintaining the computer binder will help their test grades. 

Participation and behavior are vital to learning the materials. Binders are required for class. Students might face an impact on their participation grade if they do not bring them to class.

Getting involved

Both art and computer use a binder as a vital part of the grade. You may visit the following website addresses to see what your student should have in their binders.

If you find something missing, encourage your child to keep up with the handouts. You may print out the handout and place it in their binder. Review the missing work – ask your child to fill in any blanks that might be missing.

If your student did not complete a homework assignment, get them to finish it so their grade can be the best it can be. Encourage good quality. Most homework assignments should not take very long to complete the basic requirements for a good grade. If it is late, it can still help their final grade if it is finished when the binders are gathered.

Typing effectively requires practice. Your student may login with their account at to practice typing. If you permit your student to type at home, remember they MAY NOT look at their hands.

Sketchbook Binders and Computer binders are taken up about 1-2 weeks before the end of the semester (depending on holidays) to allow time for grading.

Art meets Mondays. Computer meets Fridays. Binders must be present for class.